Concrete Services

Our comprehensive concrete services can provide you with everything you need for your concrete project. From sidewalks to patios, basements to parking lots, Premier Concrete Construction, Inc. has the experience needed to get the job done right.
Colored concrete is achieved by the addition of coloring agents to a concrete mixture. One of the most popular methods of concrete coloring is the use of an integral coloring pigment. When mixed with concrete, the coloring pigment will achieve a long-lasting, fade-resistant color for your property. Integral coloring can be used on its own or combined with stains or dyes to achieve the shade or tint that you desire. Concrete can also be colored retroactively. Colored concrete can add curb appeal to a home or commercial property. If you intend to sell your home, you will not regret the addition of colored concrete.
Colored concrete is also used on floors for residential and commercial applications. The ability to create nearly any color helps us provide you with stellar results. You can have the look of marble or stone for your floor without the expense or extra maintenance. Ask one of our knowledgeable concrete contractors for assistance with selecting the best coloring option and technique for your situation.
We also offer snow removal and plowing services. When winter strikes with all its fury, you won't want to find yourself stranded without the help you need to keep your driveways or parking lots cleared and snow-free. We can help you with all aspects of winter weather cleanup, from plowing to snow removal to salting properties down. Let us help you keep your driveways safe during the winter with our snow plowing services.

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